Ruth Henriette

Vintage Black Feathers Hat 1960s by Ruth Henriette


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Vintage Black Feathers Hat 1960s by Ruth Henriette

ERA: True vintage hat from the 1960s
MEASUREMENTS: The hat will fit a 21 inch head, will need a pin to secure
MATERIAL: feathers on stiff base
LABEL: 'Styled by Ruth Henriette - Jonathan Daniel, San Francisco CA'
This is a confusing hat, I'm not sure how it's worn. It is a toque, covered with black feathers on a stiff base. Black velvet around the underside with scallops of stiff nylon mesh. There is a velvet covered piece around the inside of the hat and the two ends stick out in th e front. Maybe that hat was meant to tile more forward with the velvet pieces helping to secure it. I don't know why the mesh sticks out from under the feather around the bottom edge. Print fabric lining.
CONDITION: Excellent condition.


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Height 10.00
Depth 1.00