Antique Beaded Edwardian Dress, Dark Blue Silk & Chiffon, Red Floral Beads, 34 bust


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Antique Beaded Edwardian Dress, Dark Blue Silk & Chiffon, Red Floral Beads, 34 bust

ERA: True vintage item from the 1900s
MEASUREMENTS: the item is 48 inches long, it will fit a 34 inch bust with room, 25 inch waist, 44 inches around hips. Shoulders are 15 inches wide and sleeves are 23 inches long
MATERIAL: silk chiffon, silk matte satin, glass beads
LABEL: none
Very dark blue dress made of a thin silk fabric and silk chiffon. The top is sheer chiffon with sleeves that are sheer on the top halfs, and the solid silk on the lower half. The front piece has glass beading in black, red and green flowers. The dress area under it opens with hooks and is made of very thin silk. The skirt is the solid fine silk with a sheer panel on the front and the back with more beading. The dresshas snaps on the top of one shoulder where the front of the dress snaps to, along with the chiffon piece in the back. There are hooks on the front of the lining of the blouse, snaps where the skirt attaches to the top and snaps down the skirt opening.

CONDITION: The dress is in good condition. It looks great, but has inner issues. The solid silk part of the skirt shows wear when you hold it to the light. The fabric is thin and has multiple holes. The seams are strained and about to open along the skirt.
The sheer silk lining of the blouse has several holes, 1 to 3 inches in size.
The beaded piece on the back of the skirt has missing black beads in several line, also missing beads on the part of the back of the collar. Wear on the silk on the ends of each sleeve.




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